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Stylist BBQ Catering Melbourne Wide

Do you keep searching ‘BBQ catering near me’ in hopes to find a service that will meet and surpass all your tastes buds need? Well, we have the answer right here at Paesano Buffet! You can let our passionate chefs take the stress away from all the cooking duties, while you can relax and mingle with your friends. Our BBQ catering service is perfect for creating a relaxed and social atmosphere, without comprising on the quality of food!

For our barbecue catering, we source the finest ingredients and produce to provide you with a dining experience like never before. It’s a tantalising experience and the perfect solution for all casual and social events. With our full bbq catering service, you can spend time catching up with friends, family and colleagues while we take over all the cooking duties. So, stop searching for ‘BBQ catering near me’, as Paesano Buffets exceptional service and extensive menu range has got you covered!


Experience The Most Indulgent BBQ Catering Packages

Dive in and discover BBQ party catering like never before from award-winning passionate chefs at Paesano Buffet! Our team provide gourmet bbq catering that will enhance the atmosphere of your event and delight everyone’s taste buds. We have hand-crafted several delicious bbq catering menus that you can choose from, including traditional combinations of BBQ meat, salads and rolls, to more gourmet selections of meats, salads and finger-foods

At Paesano, we are passionate about delivering a mouth-watering range of flavours, and cover all the basics that a good Aussie BBQ needs! Our multi-talented team have the barbecue catering solution you’re looking for and will put the fun and class into your casual yet decadent event. With our wide variety of barbecue catering packages, there truly is something for everyone! Whether it’s a corporate event, birthday or simply a social get-together, our team will take your celebrations to the next level!

Why Choose Our BBQ Catering Melbourne?

We deliver the best BBQ catering Melbourne wide, that allows you to enjoy the great outdoors with an unbelievable dining experience. Our team have created a delicious range of packages that are suitable for any event and every taste that will cater to your individual needs. From traditional combinations to gourmet selections and more, there is truly something for everyone from our BBQ catering packages.

You and your friends can enjoy the following from our catering services:

  • Tasty & Authentic BBQ Food
  • Deliciously Crafted Menus
  • Passionate and Friendly Catering team
  • Unique Dining Experience
  • Affordable BBQ Packages

Book With Us Now For Your Next Event!

Looking for affordable BBQ catering in Melbourne that offers delicious authentic food? Then look no further than Paesano Buffet. Our team love delivering the best gourmet BBQ service around, and they know how to make every occasion feel special. Whether you’re hosting an event in your backyard, park or even your office at work, we’re here to help and provide you with an unforgettable food experience.

Make your next event memorable with our amazing barbecue catering! Contact us today on 0448 123 000 to find out more about our services and packages.