There aren’t a lot of restaurants out there who are able to display their superb, culinary, cooking skills with such flair as Paesano International Buffet. We pride ourselves on having the best Japanese teppanyaki in Melbourne and after you witness the showmanship of our marvellous teppanyaki chef, Ernest Amada, we doubt you’ll disagree.


Our teppanyaki is as much theatre as it is a perfectly cooked dish. Watch in awe and have your children mystified by the flying theatrics of flips and tricks as our chef prepares you a plate of your favourite teppanyaki, be it teriyaki eye fillet steak, sweet chilli chicken or teppan calamari! The wonder of the preparation is matched only by the satisfaction of the final dish!


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A minimum of 3 paying customers accompanying the birthday celebrant are required. Must make a booking notifying of EAT FREE offer. Eat Free Offer is valid 5 days prior and post actual birthdate. Must show photo ID with correct birth date. Provide the Voucher that is sent to phone or email. Maximum of One EAT FREE per booking per session. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offer.

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