Craving the taste of the Orient in Melbourne? Perhaps you’re in need of a home-made Italian pasta? The Paesano International Buffet combines classic dishes from Italy, Japan, China and India and serves them at theatrical live cooking stations making the environment as visually rich as it is delicious.

At Paesano’s heart is Nonna, the charming mother of co-owner Frank Capuzzi. The recipes of her home-made pasta, sauces and desserts have been passed down from her grandmother in her native home of Abruzzo, Italy.


Accompanying the buffet is our Antipasto selection including a variety of cured meats like salty prosciutto. You will also find olives, sun dried tomatoes, roasted capsicum, grilled eggplant and more. The perfect compliment to a comprehensive buffet.

It’s going to be difficult with so many options from the buffet to fill up on, but save some room for our fabulous desserts! With over twenty sweets to choose from, our home-made Italian tiramisu is to die for and the kids won’t let you leave without first dipping some strawberries and marshmallows into our iconic chocolate fondue fountain!




The delectable Paesano Seafood Buffet is one of the best Seafood Restaurants in Melbourne. It is comprised of only the freshest Australian produce including Tasmanian Oysters, King Prawns and Blue Swimmer Crab all chilled and on ice.

When it comes to Seafood, I’m sure we don’t have to tell you how important it is to have a strong focus on quality. That’s why we source all of our seafood including our oysters, mussels, shrimps and crab right here in Australia where our shores have gifted us with some of the best seafood found anywhere in the world.



Thanks to its crystal clear and unpolluted waters across a 30,000km coastline of warm northerly and temperate southerly waters, Australia is famous for its great diversity in seafood. This makes for a perfect match with Paesano where quality and diversity go hand in hand.



You’ll be hard pressed to find a more authentic Italian Restaurant in Melbourne. All of our pastas and sauces are lovingly hand-made in traditional Italian style by Nonna, the mother of co-owner Frank Capuzzi. Hailing from Abruzzo in central Italy, her recipes date back to the 19th Century and you can really taste why they have been served up on dinner tables for over 100 years.

Garnering her a fabulous reputation in the industry is her famous gnocchi, this is an absolute must-try at Paesano International Buffet and will not be easily bettered by any pasta you try in your life. Accompanying her gnocchi is the mouth-watering fresh linguine and fettuccine, served with your choice of sauces including a creamy carbonara, meaty bolognese and an authentic napolitana.



If you are like us, you take your pizza very seriously on a Garfield and Lasagne kind of level. It simply must be made with only the freshest complimentary ingredients, cooked to perfection and devoured with a maximum amount of finger licking. At Paesano International Buffet, we prepare your pizza right in front of your eyes to guarantee it’s made just how you like it.

Why should you be constricted to a menu, after all? You have a better idea than anyone how to make your ideal pizza. Want to add some roma tomatoes, fresh mushrooms or basil leaves to that pepperoni pizza? No problem!! Just ask our master pizza chef, Navdeep to prepare it just how you like it.

The origin of your pizza actually begins in the early hours of the morning when Navdeep heads down to the market to source the best produce for you. Those crisp vegetables and fresh herbs combined with premium meats, top quality cheeses on a home-made pizza base begins the magical dance that ends in the flavour explosion of the perfect pizza.




Whether you’re after expertly prepared sushi and sashimi, wok-fried noodles or world renown Indian curries, you will find it all at Paesano International Buffet, serving you some of the best Asian food in Melbourne.

Heading up our delicate sushi and sashimi selection is our qualified Sushi chef, Wilson Pararuan. Don’t miss the Paesano Dragon, a complex sushi roll of tempura prawns, cucumber, spicy mayo, avocado, tobiko and salmon then chase that down with sake or maguro sashimi.

If you’re a lover of delicious, authentic noodles, and let’s face it, who isn’t? Make your way over to our live noodle station where Ernest, our wok specialist can serve you up an incredible bowl of seafood rich Singaporean noodle or Hokkien noodles with chicken, veggies and oyster sauce. If you prefer your noodles with a bit of a kick, try our Char Kway Teow, cooked in a spicy sambal paste.

There is almost no aroma more enticing than an Indian curry. You will find yourself in curry heaven, dipping your garlic naan into our creamy butter chicken. For the vegetarians, you will absolutely love our flavoursome Dal Masala.




There aren’t a lot of restaurants out there who are able to display their superb, culinary, cooking skills with such flair as Paesano International Buffet. We pride ourselves on having the best Japanese teppanyaki in Melbourne and after you witness the showmanship of our marvellous teppanyaki chef, Ernest Amada, we doubt you’ll disagree.


Our teppanyaki is as much theatre as it is a perfectly cooked dish. Watch in awe and have your children mystified by the flying theatrics of flips and tricks as our chef prepares you a plate of your favourite teppanyaki, be it teriyaki eye fillet steak, sweet chilli chicken or teppan calamari! The wonder of the preparation is matched only by the satisfaction of the final dish!



As difficult as it is to save room for dessert at a buffet with as much to choose from as Paesano, we definitely recommend making space for one of our tantalising specialties. Along with our famous pastas and sauces, Nonna is busily hand making such authentic delicacies as tiramisu and crème brulee. You’ll be spoiled for choice if you’re a cheesecake lover, as there are over six varieties to choose from.

Also on offer for the kids and daring adults is our mountainous chocolate fondue fountain! Skewer some strawberries and marshmallows and bury them deep into the flowing fountain to unleash your inner child. You might surprise yourself how much fun it can be!


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